Welcome to Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP)

Welcome to Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP)

1. Project Area and Location:

Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC) off-takes from Balloki Barrage which is located southwest of Lahore at a distance of about 65 km.The Balloki Barrage was constructed during 1911-13 and LBDC was commissioned in 1914. The Balloki Sulemanki (BS) Link Canal was constructed in 1967 under Indus Basin Treaty off-taking from Balloki Barrage. LBDC and BS Link feed about 23% of irrigated area of Punjab. The LBDC serves a cultivable command area of about 1.7 million acres in Districts Kasur, Okara, Sahiwal and Khanewal. Approximately 275,000 farm families in the LBDC command derive their livelihoods directly from crops grown over the command area including wheat, rice, maize, cotton, sugarcane, fodder, flowers, vegetables, and citrus and other orchard crops. LBDC is an important and progressive agriculture area in Punjab and offers significant potential for increased productivity.

2. Salient Features of Balloki Barrage and LBDC System

2.1)  Balloki Barrage:

The Balloki Barrage comprises the following components:

No Component Features
i Main Barrage Structure With 35 gates each 40 ft. wide
ii LBDC Head Regulator With 15 gates each 20 ft. wide
iii B-S Link Canal Head Regulator With 11 gates each 24 ft. wide
iv Marginal bunds, guide bunds and river training works Length of


The main features of the Lower Bari Doab Canal System are:

No. Details Features
i Designed Capacity at Head 9,841 cusecs
ii Canal Command Area 1,700,000 acres
iii Present Carrying Capacity (Kharif) 8,600 cusecs
iv Water Allowance 3.33 cusecs/1000 acres
v Length of Main Canal 125 miles
vi Length of Branch Canal 33.5 miles
vii Length of Distributaries and Minors 1,500 miles
viii Fall Structure 20
ix Head Regulators 55
x Bridges 17
xi Outlets 3,927 No's

3. The Problem:

The Barrage and Canal system being almost a century old is facing serious operational and maintenance problems. Balloki Barrage has problems of sediment management, insufficient flood passage capacity, deteriorated gates and allied equipment. Similarly LBDC is unable to convey the authorized discharge of 9,841 cusecs due to a number of functional and safety issues like inadequate capacity and deterioration of old structures and canal prism. Its distribution network is also deteriorated and facing operational problems.

4. Loan Agreement with ADB:

Pakistan Government requested ADB to help finance a portion of Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Program (PIAIP) in Punjab. Accordingly ADB agreed to finance US$900 million over 11 year period through a Multi Tranche Financing Facility (MFF)for rehabilitation & upgrading of irrigation infrastructure under PIAIP. The Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement project (LBDCIP) is the first project under PIAIP for which ADB has allocated US$ 217.8 million (JPY 25,637,827,000) as the first tranche. The loan effectiveness date for LBDCIP was August 22, 2007 and the loan closing date is September 30, 2015 .

Project Detail
The deadline for submission of bids is further extended from 23-10-2018 to 22-11-2018. The other Terms & Conditions will remain unchanged. For details Click Here