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4. Procurement of Civil Works:

4.2 Selecting Contractors and Award of Contracts

General Consideration

The selection of contractors and award of contracts are done bearing in mind the laws and regulations of the government and the Guidelines of the Asian Development Bank. For its part the latter considers the following: that all eligible bidders from developed and developing countries are given the same information and equal opportunity to compete in providing goods and works financed by ADB and encouraging the development of domestic contracting. Further, ADB reviews the procurement procedures, documents, bid evaluations, award recommendations and contracts to ensure that the procurement process is carried out in accordance with the agreed procedures.

Prequalification of Contractors:

The invitation to prequalify and to bid was advertised as General Procurement Notice in ADB‘s Business Opportunities , and through newspapers in Pakistan . The PQ documents are prepared by PMU in accordance with ADB Procedures and approved by ADB. The contractors who submitted documents for prequalifications were evaluated to perform the particular contract satisfactorily, taking into account their (a) experience and past performance on similar contracts, (b) capabilities with respect to construction, and (c) financial position. The results of prequalification were submitted to ADB and were approved by ADB.

Invitation for Bids

Invitations for Bid (IFB) are sent to prequalified contractors. The bidding documents for a particular contract are prepared as per ADB standard Bidding Documents for civil works and approved by ADB. It includes the following: 1)invitation for bids; 2)instructions to bidders; 3)bidding forms; 4)conditions of contract, both general and special; 5)technical specifications; 6)bill of quantities and 7)drawings; appendices, pro-forma bid securities and performance securities information:

Pre-bid Conference

All prospective bidders are provided the same information and equal opportunities to obtain additional information about the project and the contract. As such, a pre-bid conference is held wherein the invited bidders ask for some clarifications about the bid documents, the project, contract document, and all other matters regarding the contract. PMU explains the sub-project and make clarifications on the issues that the bidders bring about. The minutes of pre-bid meeting are recorded and copy given to each bidder.

Bid Opening

The time for bid opening is the same as the deadline for receipt of bids or promptly thereafter, as announced in the Invitation for Bids. All bids are opened at the stipulated time and place by a committee nominated by the EA. Bids are opened in public. Bidders or their representative are allowed to be present. The name of the bidder and total amount of each bid is read aloud and recorded when opened. A copy of this record is promptly sent to ADB and to all bidders who submitted bids on time.

Evaluation OF Bids and Bid Evaluation Repeat (BER)

Bids receieved are evaluated in accordance with ADB's Guidelines for Evaluation of Bids. The Consultants for Design and Construction Supervision are assigned the duty to evaluate the Bids and prepare a Bid Evaluation Report which is reviewed in PMU LBDCIP and then forwarded to ADB with recomendations for award of Contract to the lowest evaluated and substantially resporsive bidder.

Award of Contract

After receiving the ADB‘s No Objection to the recommendation for contract award, the contract is awarded to the bidder who meets the appropriate standards of capability and resources and whose bid has been determined:

  1. to be substantially responsive to the bidding documents.
  2. to offer the lowest evaluated cost.
A Letter of Acceptance is issued to the winning bidder who prepares a Perfomance Guarantee as prescribed in the Bid Documents, followed by a contract greement signed by the Project Director of PMU and the contractor . After satisfying all the necessary requirements to start the work, a Notice to Commence Work is issued.

Project Detail
The deadline for submission of bids is further extended from 23-10-2018 to 22-11-2018. The other Terms & Conditions will remain unchanged. For details Click Here