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Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project

7. Environmental Management Plan

7.1 Environmental Management Plan in LBDCIP

The Financial Framework Agreement

The Financial Framework Agreement provides that investment project facilities financing under MFF will be developed, implemented, operated, and maintained in accordance with Laws and regulations of Pakistan, and with ADB’s Environmental Policy (2002). For each tranche in the facility and its associated projects/subprojects the borrower will prepare an initial environmental assessment/examination including an environmental management plan or a full Environmental Impact assessment if project is a category A Project which shall be approved by the relevant government authority and submitted for review and approval to ADB. Besides All Civil Works and Consultant Contract under the project/subproject financed under the Facility will contain provisions that reflect these requirements. Implementation of the EMP will be monitored and reported to ADB through semiannual reports.

Environmental Issues in the Loan Covenant

The policy is based on the following principles:

Under the Loan Agreement, Punjab shall ensure that:

  1. each subproject is carried out in accordance with the Borrower’s environmental law and regulation,the ADB‘s Environmental policy (2002) and the Environmental Impact Assessment including the Environmental Management Plan(EMP) prepared for the Project by the Borrower in with its laws and agreed with ADB.s

  2. all mitigation measures identified in EMP are incorporated into detailed Design of the sub-projects and implemented during the construction and operation of the Project facilities

  3. all Contracts for works and consulting services under the subproject contain provisions requiring compliance with these requirements.

Compliance with ADB Environmental Safeguards

The LBDCIP is being implemented in conformity with the environmental provisions as outlined in the FFA, EARP, and Loan Covenants relating to environmental issues. The brief of the steps undertaken in this respect presented below.

1. Environmental Impact Assessment

EMP was prepared for Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project and is approved by the EPA, Punjab and the ADB. The monitoring and mitigation measures identified in the EMP are being followed in the Design of the Project. The EMP is also being updated as per final design for rehabilitation works to be carried out under a contract package during execution of the project. The EMP is made part of the bidding document to ensure its implementation during construction and operation of the Project.

2. Environmental Management Plan

The civil works of the project is divided into nine contracts packages. Two civil works contracts under the National Competitive Bidding: R&U of Jandraka and 15-L distributaries; and seven civil works contracts under the International Competitive Bidding (3 for main canal, 3 for distribution systems and 1 for Balloki Barrage). The Design and all related documents of canal reaches falling in a contract package are prepared independent from other parts of the system to facilitate the execution of the civil works. Correspondingly, the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for each contract package is updated and finalized independently as envisaged in the approved EIA. The EMPs are made an integral part of the Bidding Documents and, subsequently it becomes part of the Civil Works Contract.

Project Detail
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