Welcome to Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP)

Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project

1.  Project Profile:

1.1 Problems to be Solved

Balloki Barrage

1) Sediment deposition upstream of barrage creating regulation problems.
2) Lack of proper energy dissipation downstream of Barrage creating safety
    problems for barrage structure and protection banks.
3) Defective gate and hoist system causing leakage of water and faulty gate operations.
4) Insufficient and unsafe flood by-pass capacity causing losses to private property.

LBDC Canal

1) Inadequate capacity of Canal to pass designed discharge.

2) Lack of proper energy dissipation downstream of falls/cross-Regulators creating
     safety problems for Structures and protection bank.

3) Unsafe and eroded canal banks due to cattle trespass and deferred maintenance.

4) Deteriorated and under capacity structures like falls,bridges,cross-regulators.

5) Lack of measurement and monitoring of discharge under variable flow conditions.


Uncontrolled growth of tube well and over exploitation of groundwater resulting fall in water table
leading to migration of saline ground water into sweet water zones besides salinization of lands.


Inefficient distribution and field application of water below the canal outlet resulting into wastages of water. Lack of knowledge and motivation for alternative water application technologies and modern farming practices.

Irrigation Management Concerns

Farmer dissatisfaction due to defective governance, management and poorly informed water scheduling and low service delivery standards with little accountability and transparency.

Project Detail
The deadline for submission of bids is further extended from 23-10-2018 to 22-11-2018. The other Terms & Conditions will remain unchanged. For details Click Here