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4.4 Participating Bidders and Summary of Bids

4.4.7 R&U of Balloki and Okara Distributaries


Part 1: Invitation of Bids.

SR # Items Details
1 Contract Description Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Branch Canals & Distributary Systems covering Balloki & Okara Divisions
2 Contract Number LBDC/ICB-04
3 Date of Issuance of Invitation for Bids 05 July 2011
4 Date of Deadline for Submission of Bids 08 Sept. 2011

Part 2: Prequalified Bidders Invited to Submit the Bid

Sr # Contractors Invited to Submit Bid Amount of Bid in Pak Rupees Ranking Remarks
1 M/s Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd     Did not submit bid
2 M/s Descon Engineering Ltd. 7,173,844,837 2  
3 M/s Khalid Rauf & Co., (Pvt.) Ltd.     Did not submit bid
4 M/s Hydro Engineering Consortium     Did not submit bid.
5 M/s Saadullah Khan & Brothers (SKB) Engineering Construction 4,891,120,731 1  
6 M/s China Liaoning International Economic & Technical Cooperation Group (CLIC) 7,273,817,853   Not evaluated
7 M/s NEIE-LAC (JV) 9,040,813,430 3  
8 M/s NEIE     Did not submit bid
9 M/s Central China Power Group for International Economic and Trade Co. Ltd.     Did not submit bid

Part 3:Salient Features of Contract

Sr. # Item Details
1 Winning Bidder Saadullah Khan Brothers(SKB) Engineering Construction
2 Contract Cost Rs.4,891,120,731.Amended on 02 June 2014 to Rs 3,879,072,466.
3 Letter of Acceptance 06 February 2012
4 Contract Signing 05 March 2012
5 Notification Commencement of Work 04 June 2012
6 Completion Date 03 June 2015
7 Construction Period 1,095 days
Project Detail
News EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT Project Management Unit for Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project Lahore Dated-24-04-2016