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Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project

5. Procurement of Consulting Services

5.1 Introduction

The Project supports five Consultancy Services as mentioned below:

1)   Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Rehabilitation and
      Upgradation of Balloki Barrage and Lower Bari Doab Canal System.

2)   Project Management Unit (PMU) Support.

3) Groundwater Monitoring, Modeling and Management.

4)  On-Farm Water Management and Agricultural Support.

5)  Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building, and Improved Operation,
      Maintenance and Management of the Canal System.

The procurement of consulting services was initiated by the Client as per ADB Guidelines by sending Request for Proposal (RFP) to a shortlist of consultants selected from a long-list of consultants which had submitted Expression of Interest to participate in the selection of consulting services. The short-list of consultants selected by the client had been approved by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). RFP were sent to shortlisted firms.

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