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Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project

5. Procurement Consulting Services:

5.3  Summary of Consulting Contracts


No. Consulting Services Consulting Company Assignment Date Remarks
Start End
1 Consulting Services for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Rehabilitation and Upgradation of Balloki Barrage and Lower Bari Doab Canal System National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd; MM Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., MottMacDonald Ltd. Associated Consulting Engineers-ACE (Pvt) Ltd 01 December 2008 30 September 2015 Consultants active
2 Consulting Services for Project Management (PMU) Support SMEC International Pty., Ltd. Australia; Niaconsult; National Development Consultant; Engineering General Consultants 14 April 2009 15 August 2014 Consultants active
3 Consulting Services for Groundwater Monitoring, Modeling and Management Lahmeyer International GmbH, Germany; National Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan 18 March 2011 17 March 2013 Finished 07-March 2013
4 Consulting Services for On-Farm Water Management and Agricultural Support Egis BCEOM International, France; Euroconsult Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. 01 February 2011 31 December 2012 Finished 31-December 2012
5 Consulting Services for Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building, and Improved Operation, Maintenance and Management of the Canal System Euroconsult Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.; Niaconsult, Inc.Development and Management Consultants; Barqaab Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd. 01 March 2010 17 September 2011

Consultants Services terminated on 17 September 2011

Project Detail
News EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT Project Management Unit for Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project Lahore Dated-24-04-2016