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The Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Program

1. Introduction

Irrigated agriculture in Punjab accounts for 28% of Punjab's gross domestic product (GDP). It employs 54% of the labour force and produces 90% of Punjab's agricultural output. The irrigation infrastructure has seriously deteriorated due to old age accompanied with management and financial constraints. Irrigated agriculture is crucial to generating higher income and attaining Punjab's targeted 7% growth rate. The infrastructure has seriously deteriorated due to (i) age being nearly 100 years old,(ii) no asset management planning and (iii) underfunding and ineffective implementation of O&M. The estimated cost of upgrading the system to modern standard is $3.5 billon. On the request of the Government of Pakistan, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) agreed to extend financing of US$ 700 million over 11 year period through a Multi Tranche Financing Facility (MFF) for rehabilitation and upgrading of irrigation infrastructure under Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Program (PIAIP). The Government of Punjab entered into a Financing Framework Agreement (FFA) with ADB and signed two loan agreements, i.e. Loan No.2299-PAK for US$ 217.8 million for the Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP) as Tranche 1 of PIAIP and Loan No. 2300-PAK (SF) for US$ 10 million, to prepare following new Project under  PIAIP:

  • Rehabilitation & Improvement of Sulemanki Barrages & Pakpattan Canal.
  • Rehabilitation & Improvement of Trimmu and Panjnad Barrage.
  • Rehabilitation & Improvement of Branches of Thal Canal & Distribution network and distribution system of Pakpattan Canal.

2. Status of project under project preparation facility.

PIAIP Consultants after carrying out detailed summary and investigations have prepared three project whose status in as mentioned below.

Sr.No Name of Project PCI Cost Status
1 Pakpattan Canal & Sulemanki Barrage improvement project Rs 7,829.187 m Works Awarded under two contracts

1.Pakpattan Canal.
Date of award: 12 March 2014
Completion Date 31 January 2017
2.Sulemanki Barrage
Date of Award:15 May 2014
Completion Date 31 January 2017
2 Trimu Barrage & Pajned Barrage improvement Project Rs 23,348 m PCI Prepared and under approved by PDWP.
3 Rehabilitation & Upgrading of Branch Canals and distribution system of Thal Canal and pakpattan canal distribution system Rs 37,514 m PCI Prepared and in final stages for submission to the Govt.

3. Loan signed with ADB.

In additional to the loan agreement for LBDCIP and project preparation Facitity as mentioned in Para 1 above two more loans under MFF have also been provided by the Asian Development Bamk to Punjab Govt.for taking up the project mentioned below.

Loan No Project Nme Loan
Amount Amount ($ m) Effective Date Closing Date

2841 PAK

New khanki Barrage Construction Project 270 17-02-2012


2971 PAK

Pakpattan Canal & Sulamanki Barrage Improvement Project

73 06-06-2013 31-03-2017

4.Implementation Status of Loan.


     (i) Main Components of Project

  • R & U Balloki Barrage, LBDC & BS Link Head Regulators
  • R & U of LBDC (Main Canal & its Disty System)
  • Groundwater Management and Modeling - Completed
  • OFWM and Agriculture – Completed
  • (Through Agriculture Deptt. as Implementation Agency)
  • Institutional Reforms and FO Development - Completed
  • (Through PIDA as Implementation Agency)

    (ii)Consultancy Services

  • Package-I:   Design & Construction Supervision Consultant.
  • Package-II:  PMU SupportsConsultant
  • Package-III: Groundwater Monitoring Modelling &Management (Concluded)
  • Package-IV: On Farm Water Management & Agriculture (Concluded)
  • Package-V:   Institutional Strengthening Capacity Building & Improved O&M and management of the Canal system (Terminated)
  • (iii) Progress of Civil Works

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    B .New Khanki Barrage Constructionn Project

    Implementation Status

  • Construction Supervision Consultants (SMEC in JV with ATKINS, EGC & BARQAAB)are on board since April 01,2013.
  • ICB Contract has been awarded on May 02,2013.
  • Commencement of work on July 08,2013.
  • Contractor Moblized
  • and engaged in preliminary/temporary works
  • Date of Completion on October 07,2016.
  • C. Sulemanki Barrage Construction Project

    Implementation Status

    Construction Supervision Consultants Recruitment of Consultants is under process. Submission II submitted to ADB for approvel on 8.11.2013.
    ICB Contract for R&U of Pakpattan Canal, Khadir Branch &PI Link

    Bids opened on 12/9/2013 and Techincal Bid Evalution Report submitted to ADB on 14/10/2013 for approvel
    ICB Contract for R&U of Sulemanki Barrages Bids opened on 22/10/2013.Technical Bid Evaluation Report under prepartion
Project Detail
The deadline for submission of bids is further extended from 23-10-2018 to 22-11-2018. The other Terms & Conditions will remain unchanged. For details Click Here