Welcome to Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP)

Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project

2. Project Components

2.2 Rehabilitation and Upgrading (R&U) of Lower Bari Doab       Canal Network

  • Raising and strengthening of canal/banks,berm formation and stone pitching .

  • Dismantling & re-construction of Cross Regulators and fall structures
    with provision for gates & gearing mechanism.

  • Rehabilitation / construction of siphons & aqueducts crossing the canal.

  • Rehabilitation / construction of District Road Bridges ,Village Road Bridges and Foot Bridges.

  • PCC /side Brick lines protection in tall portion of distributaries/small channels.

  • Construction of Head Regulator of Distributaries/Minors with gated arrangement.

  • New construction of Outlets.

  • Construction of cattle ghats/bath stations.

  • Rehabilitation of lift canal intakes.

  • Construction of water and water stations.

  • Construction/Rehabilitation of Rest Houses.

Project Detail
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