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5. Procurement of Consulting Services:

5.2 Selecting Consultants and Award of Contracts

Method used in Selecting Consultants

The method used for selecting the consultants was Quality-and Cost Base System (QCBS) issued by ADB. Under this method the consultants submits Technical and Financial Proposal in a separately sealed envelopes. Technical proposal includes the following:

  1. Terms of Reference (TOR), which explains the objectives, scope of work, activities, tasks to be performed, responsibilities of the Client and the Consultant, and expected results and deliverables of the assignment.
  2. Consultant’s Organization and Experience;

  3. Comments on the TOR;.

  4. Description of the Approach, Methodology and Work Plan for Performing the Assignment.

  5. Team Composition and Task Assignments.
  6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Proposed Professional Experts.

  7. Personnel Schedule.

  8. Work Schedule.

    Financial Proposal includes:

    1. Summary of Costs.

    2. Remuneration.

    3. Breakdown of Remuneration

    4. Breakdown of Reimbursable Expenses.

Evaluation of Technical and Financial Proposal

The Technical Proposals are opened immediately after the deadline for their submission. The evaluation committee evaluates the Technical Proposals on the basis of their responsiveness to the TOR, applying the evaluation criteria, sub-criteria, and rating system specified in the RFP. Each responsive Proposal is given a technical score. The minimum technical score is 750 out of maximum of 1000 points.

Financial Proposals are opened publicly in the presence of the Consultants‘ representatives who choose to attend. The name and the technical scores of the Consultants are read aloud. The Financial Proposal of the Consultants who met the minimum qualifying mark in the Technical Proposal are opened, and the total prices read aloud and recorded. Copy of the record shall be sent to all Consultants and the ADB. The evaluation committee reviews the detailed content of each Financial Proposal to ensure these are complete and in compliance with the requirements of the RFP. The evaluated total price (ETP) for each Financial Proposal will be determined. The lowest evaluated Financial Proposal receives the maximum score of 1,000 marks. The score for each other Financial Proposal is inversely proportional to its ETP and will be computed as follows: Sf = 1,000 x Fm / F, where: Sf is the financial score of the Financial Proposal being evaluated; Fm is the ETP of the lowest priced Financial Proposal; F is the ETP of the Financial Proposal under consideration.

Following completion of evaluation of Technical and Financial Proposals, final ranking of the Proposals is determined. This is done by applying a weight of 0.80 (or 80%) and 0.20 (or 20%) respectively to the technical and financial score of each evaluated qualifying Technical and Financial Proposal and then computing the relevant combined total score for each Consultant. After such final ranking, the first-ranked Consultant is invited for contract negotiations.

Award of Contract

Negotiation include a discussion of the Technical Proposal, the proposed technical approach and methodology, work plan and schedule, and organization and personnel’ and any suggestions made by the Consultant to improve the TOR. The Client and the Consultants will finalize the TOR, personnel schedule, work schedule, logistics, and reporting. These documents will then be incorporated in the Contract as “Description of Services. The financial negotiations fine-tunes duration of the expert‘s inputs and quantities of out-of-pocket expenditure items that are increased or decreased from the relevant amounts shown or agreed otherwise in the Financial Proposal but without significant alterations. The details of expert remuneration and specific unit rates for out-of-pocket expenditures are not subject to negotiations.

Negotiation concludes with a review of the draft Contract. To complete negotiations the Client and the Consultant initial the agreedContract. After completing negotiations, Contract is awarded to the selected Consultant. Contract is approved by ADB and Executing Agency.

Project Detail
The deadline for submission of bids is further extended from 23-10-2018 to 22-11-2018. The other Terms & Conditions will remain unchanged. For details Click Here